Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jeddah Kicks off “Gateway” Plan

Saturday, 01 December 2007
By Adel Al-Malki
This city will once again take steps to become the "Gateway to the Holy Cities" by implementing an intensive improvement plan for the benefit of pilgrims and visitors during Haj season. The plan primarily beefs up the municipality's role in cleaning and maintaining sites frequented by pilgrims, including markets, hotels and the Corniche area.
Of particular interest this year is enhancing overseeing of food shops, vendors and slaughterhouses, said Jeddah Mayor Adel Faqih.
"Municipal functions also include control of the Pilgrim City ... in the departure and maintenance work of the roads and pilgrims' paths, as well as the control of food factories there" said municipality spokesman Ahmad Al-Ghamdi.
He added that municipality officials will chair an Executive Committee of various agencies to closely monitor restaurants and shops inside the Pilgrims City, and take swift action if necessary.
As usual, a committee will be formed to prevent cooking inside the city during the season.

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retired journalist said...

As you may know, the English newspapers in Saudi have somehow a wide range of liberaty compared with the Arabic ones. So, my view why dont you - as a journalist- take an advatnage of this and try to go inside the recoverd life of Jeddah. We wanna know about the youth's interests, social reactions with daily issues such as Alqateef's girl problem. And much more....