Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Defect – Design change in Major Jeddah Project

Tuesday, 04 December 2007
By Adel Al-Malki
JEDDAH - The Municipality has suspended a near-finished project of multiple flyovers to ease traffic congestion at the busy intersection of King Fahd Street and Palestine Road, a Municipality official revealed Monday.
Ahmad Ba-Nafe'e, director of Projects Department said a technical defect necessitates a change in design. He said construction defects from design flaws were found, forcing the municipality to task a commission of specialists to come up with appropriate solutions.
The designer and a consultant specialized in bridge design are in the committee, which is using special computer programs to find a way to overcome the technical defects.
Ba-Nafe'e did not specify what went wrong.
All he said was that "the committee made some adjustments that were immediately implemented by the contractor assisted by a company specialized in bridge redesign."
The intersection regulates as many as five traffic streams and is a perennial rush-hour bottleneck at one of the city's main arteries. The main and complex structural design appears to be completed and it's unclear where further alterations, if needed, can be made.
Despite the design flaw and temporary work stoppage, the project is progressing on schedule, Ba-Nafe'e said.
Flyover Curve No. 1 located in northwest of the bridge is expected to open to traffic movement a few days before the Haj starts, so as to serve pilgrims moving from east of Palestine Street to the south by taking King Fahd Street. Curve No. 3 located northeast of the bridge and No. 4 at its southeast is scheduled to be opened after three months.
Curve No. 2 at the southeast is expected to be ready within six months.

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