Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jeddah adds Color to New Effort against Sewage Stink

Tuesday, 04 December 2007
By Adel Al-Malki
JEDDAH - Even as city authorities persist with digging up roads and putting in place pipes to complete a long-awaited sewage network - the first ever in Jeddah - they are addressing residents' complaints about the stink that sewage tankers raise when they dump their contents anywhere at will.
The municipality is deploying its teams out on the streets to track these tankers and ensure that they dump their loads only where authorized. "The municipality has formed 24 teams for this purpose to cover the south, east and North of the city," said Abdullah Al-Soulami, director of Control Management.
Trucks that violate
Violators will be fined SR5,000 and the tankers impounded for two weeks, he said.
For decades, Jeddah residents have been suffering the pang for being at the mercy of these tankers without which garbage would pile up and toilets overflow.
The municipality would, of course, act every now and then to prevent the mindless dumping but eventually the stench would return, flies and rats would gather, and disease would spread, said Zubaidi, a watchman of a set of apartment buildings in Al-Rehab district.
Zubaidi's primary tasks are to run from pillar to post to regularly get the sewage tanks cleared and the water tanks filled up. He also has to clear the spilled-over garbage and dirty cats from the dumpster facing his room, and get the street sprayed with pesticide when the residents of the area can't bear the flies and rats anymore.
Now, in the municipality's latest effort, its teams would also strive to prevent leakage from sewage tankers on the roads, Al-Soulami said, noting that the monitoring covers water tankers and garbage trucks as well.
Residents will find it hard to miss the municipality's latest effort to keep the city clean because, as Al-Soulami said, " The system requires the owners of wells, water tankers and and sewage tankers painted with identification colors allotted by the municipality."
He said 513 violations were recorded in the last two months.
Between 2,000 and 2,200 sewage tankers serve areas of Jeddah that are still not linked to the sewage network. The Municipality has also set up a monitoring point at the entrance of the garbage and sewage tanker yard. These tankers would be painted yellow, he said.

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