Thursday, November 22, 2007

Young Saudis Paint their Cars Green

Tuesday, 25 September 2007
By Mohammed Al-Kinani and Adel Al-Malki
Turki A'al Ashaikh brought his car at a car shop and stayed there for four hours to watch his car painted with green and white stripes.
Thousands of young Saudis like Ashaikh celebrated the National Day that way.
"I wanted to express how much I love my country," he said. "And I'm not the only one who's doing this. I thought it wouldn't take me more than half an hour, but I was surprised to see ten more cars waiting." Coloring a car costs nearly SR200. And Ashaikh was ready to pay more than that just to be able to drive his car with green and white colors on the National Day.
Mishary Sabban is another young Saudi who did the same with his car. He even posted King Abdullah's picture on both sides of his car. He wished it was not Ramadan time.
"I wanted to play songs to celebrate this event, but it's Ramadan, he said. "I know many people don't want to hear music during Ramadan."
Unlike Ashaikh, Sabban colored the car himself.
"I went to one car shop and they wanted me to pay SR300. What I did instead is, I visited a stationery, picked some green colors and did it myself. It cost me no more than SR70," he said.
Fathers encourage their sons to celebrate the national day on their own way.
"I gave my son some money to paint his car in a way that goes with the event," Abdul Aziz Omari, a schoolteacher, said. "I even discussed with him where to post the leader's photos. He promised me not to take advantage of the occasion to do silly things," Omari added.
"Such support help instill patriotism in our youth," he said. "Our children should grow up loving their motherland. And we should continue handing these values down to the next generation," he said.

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