Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pakistan Trade show Focuses on Investment

Thursday, 25 October 2007
By Adel Al-Malki
The Consulate General of Pakistan will hold the second Pakistani Specific Week and Catalogue Show in Jeddah's Chambers of Commerce and Industry from November 3-7. Organizers are aiming to highlight Pakistan's core business strength and present it in a catalogue show.
"The event will provide an opportunity for interaction between Saudi and Pakistani businessmen, government representatives and members of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry," Shahid Karee Allah, the Pakistani Ambassador said.
He added the event will display material from nearly 50 leading Pakistani companies and their council.
The four-day event will bring together leading representatives from the public and private sectors.
The ambassador said the first day will feature trade opportunities about the next three days and focus on the investment climate in Pakistan, while day three will introduce several sectors in Pakistan.
Speeches by the president of Jeddah's Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Pakistani government representatives and Pakistan's ambassador and Consul General, will make up part of the second day's important events.
"There will be a meeting with the delegation representing Pakistani businesswomen, followed by a session with local Saudi businesswomen," Shahid said. "The final event of the day will be handing out awards to Saudi businessmen."
Projecting the investment potential of Pakistan will be another second-day event, including as a special surprise a panel discussion with representatives from the Ministry of Commerce, the Board of Investment, the Oil and Gas Development Corporation and the Islamic Development Bank.
"The final day will focus on the service sectors. There will be an interactive session and a "Friends of Pakistan" gala dinner for Pakistani businessmen," the ambassador added.

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