Thursday, November 22, 2007

Conference Discussed Male Diseases

Friday, 02 November 2007
By Adel Al-Malki and Jassim Al-Ghamdi
Jeddah -
The First International Andrology Conference ends today at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital in this city, where international and local speakers in the field of sex medicine and male infertility will discuss the latest strategies for combating men's diseases.
Sex medicine is defined by the International Society for Sex Medicine as the branch of medicine which specializes in all aspects of human sex health. Within the field of sexual medicine, there are several key issues which have widespread impact on public health. One of the most important of these issues is the new concept that erectile dysfunction (ED) is a predictor of future heart disease. ED and heart disease have common risk factors.
Another issue in sex medicine with important public health implications is the question of whether sexual dysfunction after prostate cancer can be prevented.
If this is the case, treatment for prostate cancer will become more convenient to patients who develop this disease.
Conference president Dr. Amr Al-Meligi said that in the past, people used to hear only about gynecology issues and no body heard about Andrology.
"This is quite a new field, and it is providing men with very effective treatment for their sexual and productive problems." he said.
International scientists attended the Conference from such places as the United States, the UK, Italy, and Egypt.
One lecture quoting the latest research will discuss that male circumcision reduces the chances of AIDS infection.
"There will be a special symposium which will discuss the symptoms of hormone deficiency, which affects 38 percent of men over the age of 40, and leads to poor sexual desire.
It also discusses the relationship between masculinity and hormone deficiency diseases diabetes, depression, osteoporosis. The review is the latest means to compensate for hormone problems," he said.

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